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Our man bouquets are the perfect flowers for men. All "Broquets" arrive fully assembled in a custom-branded box and sealed with oxygen absorbers to remain fresh unopened.

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How were guys so hard to shop for but so easy to please? It's because the perfect gift was yet to be created until our masculine arrangements came along.

It's likely no surprise that flowers and roses for men are extremely popular for Valentine's Day when many are searching for romantic gifts and Father's Day to send dad flowers for men, being that mom likely received a bouquet for Mother's Day. However, we are busy year around due to customers purchasing masculine presents for other reasons. Some of the most popular occasions people shop with us include: anniversaries, birthdays, job promotions, and sympathy gifts.

What is a Broquet?

While broquet is the word for nozzle in the Catalan language, in this case we are referring to a combination of the words bouquet + bro (pronounced "bro-kay").